We will post the answers to the most common questions as they come in.

Q. Why are you starting with Congress? Why not start off at City Council or something?
A. Federal issues are what I am most passionate about. I don’t want to hold another office just to develop a stepping stone to Congress.

Q. Why are you running as a Nonpartisan?
A. I have been nonpartisan for years. I no longer felt either party was trying to address my concerns and the third parties out there didn’t quite feel like home. Frankly, it was one of the most freeing decisions I ever made. I am not tied to anyone else and don’t have to answer for the actions of someone who is in “my party”.
One of my goals is to increase the influence of people who have chosen not to belong to a party. There are too many of us that do not have a voice in Congress. I also want to help us move out of the binary world of “Are you a Democrat or Republican?”

Q. Why are you limiting individual contributions to $200?
A. Multiple reasons. Although appreciated, $200 is not going to influence any decisions I will make and I want the public to know that. Also, that is the threshold for reporting donations to the Federal government. I really don’t feel like handing over another list of people’s names to the Federal Government. Finally, I am trying to set a template of how to run a cost effective campaign – so that more people around the country can run as Nonpartisan candidates.

Q. Why is your campaign color green? Does it mean something?
A. It’s my favorite color. It is the color I chose for Campbell Networks and wanted to keep the same color. It is not a political statement. I realize it is associated with the environmental movement. I love the environment, so I don’t necessarily mind that, but it is not my primary issue.