In addition to using Google Glass as a tool for transparency, here is additional information about the campaign.

Although I think videos do a better job of explaining positions and the nuances associated with them, here are my views and the lenses that I will view them through. Please suspend the way you traditionally view politics and keep in mind most issues do not have binary solutions.



A. Sustainability. Is this policy sustainable? Can we keep doing it over and over and it will pay for itself or not have long term detrimental effects? If not, are there long term plans for it to become sustainable? Finally, if it is unsustainable, is  the majority of the public comfortable subsidizing it or dealing with the consequences over time?

B. Accountability. Is the entity involved being held accountable? Is there maximum disclosure and transparency? How do we measure success or failure?

C. Diffusion of Power. Does this policy decrease the concentration of power? If not, why not?

D. Portability. Does this policy increase the portability of the consumer or end user? An increased ability to change sources or service providers for the consumer is better.

E. Self Determination. Does this policy favor the ability of an individual or entity to determine their own future?

F. Consumer Focus. I don’t believe in buyer beware. An entity pitching something should reveal enough to inform the consumer.



I am using a ranking system to inform the public on how I will approach the following issues. This is also impacted by my ability to impact legislation.

1. I will proactively try to reform this legislation on this issue.

2. I will actively engage in the discussion on this issue.

3. I will reactively respond to this issue as it comes up.



1 – Budgetary Responsibility

As with most of what we do, a budget should be sustainable. If rare and unique circumstances require it to be temporarily unsustainable, all efforts must be made to put it back on track as soon as possible.

1 – Campaign Finance

This is a real time assessment as I experience this firsthand. Money plays far too large a role in politics and it is often provided by a limited number of special interests.

1 – Economy and Jobs

The government tries too hard to meddle with the economy. I think its ability to impact the job market short term (aside from hiring itself) is nebulous.

The two long term strategies it should pursue are first educating and training our workforce. This includes vocational and adult retraining scenarios. Secondly, we need to let job creators do what they do best and not make hiring another employee a hurdle they need to overcome but, instead, a blessing for everyone involved.

Things like patent law need to be reformed to allow for inventors to be rewarded while not stifling innovation and progress.

1 – Education

This is the most significant equalizer our society has. Focus should be on expanding our students’ ability to think critically and prepare them for the workforce. Everything else is secondary.

1 - Federal Government’s Role

Aside from Constitutional guidelines, the Federal government should focus on things only it can do. If another entity can do it better, it should.

1 – Government Accountability

The public should demand that all available tools are used to make sure our government works for us. We need a robust whistleblower program where revealing government fraud and abuse is not only encouraged, but celebrated.

1 – Net Neutrality

As mentioned above, I have a huge concern with concentration of power. Allowing large corporations to purchase priority service on the internet further increase that unequal competition.

1 – Partisanship

As a nonpartisan, I can be a bridge between two dysfunctional parties. I don’t even have a party to put in front of country.

1 – Privacy

We are entering fascinating new times that come with great opportunities and challenges. Individuals need to have clearly delineated boundaries in which they know their actions are private. Penalties for violating that privacy needs to be clear, significant and enforced.

1 – Rule of Law

There is too much legislation that is being ignored or reinterpreted by too many individuals, politicians and departments. We need more clarity on what the law is and how to make sure it is fairly enforced.

1 – Veterans Issues

If someone volunteers to defend our country and suffers medical consequences from their service, the government should take care of those issues.

2 – Diversity

This is one of the things that makes America special. We should embrace it and encourage it. There is a great benefit to our country to drawing on the strengths of cultural, ethnic, religious and other forms of diversity. I hope to engage in this discussion more in depth.

2 – Energy

We need to become energy independent. That is a combination of using the resources within this country and close allies as well as pursuing sustainable sources such as solar power. Our foreign policy has been far too influenced by our lack of an energy policy.

2 – Entitlements

Programs like Social Security and Medicare have helped many people but have moved from being assistance plans to being the main plan. It is currently unsustainable and needs significant reform in order to maintain the original idea of a safety net.

2- Equality and Fairness

These words mean many things to different people. Our society only works when people feel they are playing by the same rules as the next person. As power tends to concentrate, we need to ensure that our system disperses it.

2 – Environment

Not only should we leave a debt free country and world to our children, but we should also leave a clean, habitable one as well.

Climate Change doesn’t have to be a binary choice. We don’t have to believe that any unusual storm is due to climate change or that mankind has no impact on its environment whatsoever. We should act in a manner that can be sustained over centuries, if not longer.

2 – Fair Trade

We need to be playing by similar rules when competing with other countries. Primarily from a legislative, tariff and currency standpoint.

2 – Health Care

This is a unique industry and must be treated as such. One challenge is the fact that more revenue for the industry does not correlate with the customer’s health.

The Affordable Care Act was one of the reasons I am running, partly because of the way it came to be. That legislative effort was shameful and should never happen again on such a large piece of legislation. While my preference would be to start over, I also recognize that it is unlikely to be repealed and must be fixed.

2 – Immigration

Immigration is another thing that makes America special. Legal immigration needs to be continued and encouraged. I am open to many ideas on legislation. However, I cannot support legislation that prioritizes permanent legal status for adults that chose to come here or extend their stay here illegally over those that chose to follow the law. Everything else is up for discussion.

2 – International Relations

I believe in American exceptionalism and that we are in a unique position as the world’s melting pot. We should maintain a leadership role and be a country other citizens can look up to.

We have had a schizophrenic foreign policy over the last 40 years, frequently influenced by our addiction to oil. We need to set clear expectations of what America stands for to our people and the people of the world. We must also be willing to follow those same expectations. In the end, we should stand for people’s ability to determine their own futures.

2 – Marriage

Marriage is a promise between 2 adults. In the current format, I support the rights of 2 adults to marry each other. Longer term, I question the needs of the government to be involved in that relationship. I do believe there is a role for the government when 2 adults raise a child.

2 – National Defense

America should always be the “strongest kid on the block”. We must be prudent about it by using our technological advantage wherever possible. If we want to maintain the same footprint, we need to reconsider who bears the cost of our troops overseas. We can no longer foot the bill for the world’s defense force.

2 – Population Growth

While the earth can clearly provide for many billions more people on the planet, the upside of that growth is unclear. The downside of an excessive population is clear and includes issues with clean water supplies, over fishing of the ocean, deforestation of the rainforest etc. The main reason for supporting the growth of populations seems to be growing our way out of problems. This will be unsustainable at some point.

2 – Taxes

I favor a more simple tax code that doesn’t require hiring extensive resources to comply with it. All citizens should pay their fair share into the system that they benefit from.

2 – Tort Reform

While the legal system is a very important part of the check and balance system of power, the current legal environment stifles too much positive activity due to actual or perceived threat of lawsuits. Ideas that minimize frivolous lawsuits like “loser pays” need to be explored further.

3 – Abortion Rights

A woman should not be forced to give birth under penalty of criminal punishment. However, we need to realize this procedure ends a life and pursue alternatives as much as possible.

3 – Gun Rights

An individual needs to be able to defend themselves from threats. Government forces should not be the only armed personnel. “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson


- Create an atmosphere that encourages MORE people to get involved in running for office AND citizens staying involved in the ongoing dialogue.

- Create an environment that enables people not belonging to the 2 major parties to have a chance to be heard and win elections.

- Reduce the influence of money in politics.

- Shorten the campaign cycle so that our elected officials are spending more time with their constituents than donors.